Landing the Dream Gig


Being a millennial, I have experienced the thrill of seeing the media transition from print to digital. Being a part of the generation that is reported to commence a take over in population in 2015, I have a sense of duty in leaving my mark behind.

If there’s anything I have learned in the world of finance is the importance of assets and when to invest. Time is a luxury no one can afford, so it is of the essence to invest your time wisely.

In my opinion the best investment one can make is not in stocks with the highest value in Nasdaq, but to invest in yourself. Happiness is an eternal access of true unlimited capital.

What better investment than an education? Knowledge is the continuous sign of growth and power. It dawned on me that it was time to follow my longing in furthering my education. Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication media and find a career in the field I was passionate about.

The other day as I sat in my computer graphic class, my professor, Mr. Murray, began his lection by stating, “Everything begins with a vision and a plan.”

Initially my vision was  freelance journalism which seamed to appeal to me. But after the discovery of my knack for editing and the must have of the final word, I knew my purpose served beyond an article or column.

So my research began in the various positions in the communication and media fields. I came across a segment for TED X Talks with Michelle Herrera Mulligan, the editor-in-chief of Cosmo for Latinas.

By the end of the speech an impression on was left on me. I identified with her background and I could envision myself in her position.

That’s when I had an epiphany to become a digital editor. By ultimately being the founding editor in chief for my own publication.

The advantage of being apart of this era is that all that is quite possible with the use of the Internet and social media.

My plan begins in developing my name as a brand. Start to network with those in the industry and  readers to gain an audience for my blog, “The Power Of She.” With the help of course of social networks across the world wide web.

An added bonus of blogging is the ability to publish your own material and create your platform. You have the control from the stories, photography, to the content layout on your site. This allows me to exercise the decision-making and editing process of a true digital editor.

Another is the unlimited business ventures you are exposed to with the possibility of making a profit. Blogging has truly become an evolution for self-made entrepreneurs.

With that stated, make “The Power of She Blog” into my full time job. Expand it into business with a staff of my own.      

The reality is we don’t always have the control in every situation, because that’s life. But we do have the choice to make a decision in our lives that can change our world.

There is no progression with conformity.

So go out and believe in your ability to accomplish your dream. Just remember.           “Everything begins with a vision and a plan.”
















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  1. Such an inspiring post! And it’s true, the only company your really ever work for in life is: Me, Inc.


  2. You left some very inspiring quotations for me to think about, most notably, “There is no progression with conformity.” It’s a strikingly bold truth that we don’t always think about so bluntly, and I love that you mentioned it. Thanks for taking the time to write that statement; it left me to think about things for a while, and I must say hearing such a thing is actually very helpful.

    Your dream career sounds like an awesome field, and I know you’ll get there someday soon!

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  3. “In my opinion the best investment one can make is not in stocks with the highest value in Nasdaq, but to invest in yourself. Happiness is an eternal access of true unlimited capital.” this quote is dope in every sense of the word! Ironic you mentioned Ted Ex… my coworker has been trying to get me to tune into one of these segments (like anyone alien to something puts it off) but having come across it again I look forward to listening in on this.

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  4. Thanks! You should check it out when you have the chance. The first one I came across was Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ted x segment and ever since I’ve been hooked!


  5. Your vision is powerful. I was dreaming/thinking in the time between sleep and wakefulness this morning about how most men focus on their careers and most women focus on the men in their lives and then their children (when they come along). I was then thinking about strong female protagonists in some of my favorite shows. The one common thread between these women is their focus on their careers. They are invested. Relationships are important, but I feel that a young woman needs to become her SELF before she commits to long-term relationships that will begin to pull her in different directions. I think you have the right focus. And I love TED Talks. Phi Theta Kappa wanted to organize one for MxCC but we just ran out of time and resources before we could make it happen.


    • I believe the most important relationship one can have, is the one with yourself. There’s no greater power than knowing who you are and being that person. Then you can help others….The media depicts woman all the time and how we should be. In my opinion, most of the time it is not the right message. We are in need of individuals that can help others dig deeper than appearance or status, it’s reassuring to know others can see my point of view, so thank you… TED Talks has such insightful material from all spectrums. That would be monumental to have Ted Talks at Mxcc. If it is ever in the works again let me know!

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